Featuring: Jack Bailey and Romeo Davis
March 23, 2022 | 24 mins | HD 1080p | 20 photos

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Jack Bailey and Romeo Davis meet again in the latest film from RawFuckBoys. They’re an eccentric, yet incredibly sexy pairing. Davis, whose body is covered in tattoos, has a dark, brooding energy; the very antithesis of the sunny-haired, sunny-natured twink boy, Jack Bailey, who, in this film, is trussed up in a black leather collar.

They kiss like hungry sluts. Romeo pulls Jack’s hair and grabs him by the throat. The boy beams with the lustful excitement of a corrupted innocent. Romeo will enjoy using this boy tonight, and he’s gonna use him hard.

Romeo aggressively pushes ...[Read more]

Romeo aggressively pushes Jack to his knees and insists the boy take his dick right to the back of his hungry little mouth. Romeo’s huge, pervy meat makes the boy choke. Endless strings of saliva stream helplessly from his well-used throat.

Romeo orders Jack onto a bench and preps his tight hole for deep, raw penetration - the sort of ride only a sleazy daddy would know how to give. Jack groans with pleasure and quivers with anticipation, begging for the DILF’s horny dick.

Romeo stands and slides his raw meat into the boy. Jack begins to whimper, then yell as the strokes get harder and faster. Before long, Romeo finds himself banging the screaming boy like a living sex doll, using his dick like a devastating weapon of mass destruction.

Jack’s hole is soon a wrecked, gaping, sloppy mess, oozing with saliva and slimy pre-cum. With every brutal stroke, Romeo inches closer to orgasm, finally letting go with a depraved roar and an epic explosion of semen deep inside Jack’s intestines. The spent boy can do nothing but thank his master repeatedly.

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