Featuring: Jack Bailey and Killian Knox
August 03, 2022 | 23 mins | HD 1080p | 15 photos

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How many times can one muscle daddy cum? When DILF Killian Knox pairs up with cute horny twink, Jack Bailey, the answer is ”as many times as he wants!”

The two begin with a hot makeout session and it’s obvious from the start that Killian is very happy to see Jack! The two explore each other's muscles and mouths. Clothes come off as each guy gets more and more into the other.

When our hot ...[Read more]

When our hot daddy’s shirt comes off, we see why Jack is so into him. Muscles with a smattering of hair, the perfect ripped daddy bod! Jack wants to suck his cock so hard and Killian is ready for that.

It’s hard to tell who’s enjoying it more - the twink or the DILF! Jack takes the concrete cock deep down his throat, sending Killian into orbit! That twink tongue is dancing on his hard dick and that throat: velvet!

It’s Jack’s turn to moan. Killian spins the boy around to get funky down in the cheeks! Jack’s jockstrap gives our muscle daddy a backstage pass to tongue-punch Jack in the box! Jack’s eyes roll back into his head as the sensations surge from his hole to his whole being! Moans involuntarily burst from his twink mouth. Killian’s deep dive has his young jock buddy howling in pleasure!

Jack’s in the perfect position for Killian’s next move. With an extra spit shine for lube, Killian plunges his hard cock balls-deep into Jack’s waiting hole! The twink takes it all in easily, but the pounding is more than he bargained for!

The intensity increases quickly, with both guys racing hard toward the finish line. Only Killian knows for sure who will blast first and to Jack’s surprise, the DILF blasts wads of hot cum up the twink’s ass! Killian cums hard; a head-to-toe daddy-gasm! It’s nothing but sheer electricity for Killian, and Jack is thrilled to have made his daddy very happy.

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