Featuring: Archer Croft and Jordan Starr
June 01, 2022 | 24 mins | HD 1080p | 20 photos

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Something about colorful, form fitting gear gets Jordan and Archer completely rock hard. And for Jordan, seeing the way Archer’s ass pours out of his Fort Troff jockstrap is a joy in its own, but having the free reign to breed him in the dungeon is a dream come true.

The two enjoy a little kissing and grinding before getting right to the hard action. Jordan towers over Archer like a giant, looking down at him they embrace. It’s hard not to feel dominant and in charge when there’s nearly a foot of height difference between them. Of course, taking a hand gently around Archer’s neck triggers the short bottom to want to serve.

Archer drops to ...[Read more]

Archer drops to his knees, worshiping the powerful, thick, veiny tool between his top’s legs. It’s an absolute mouthful, practically requiring two hands to cup his heavy, egg-sized nuts. Jordan feels the warm, wet mouth of his submissive bring him to full arousal, making him ready to fuck hard and deep.

But before Jordan can attempt to break his bubble butt bottom in two, he first needs a taste of his epic ass. Archer gets on all fours in the sling, presenting his fuck pillows to his master. Jordan’s tongue has to go deep to reach Archer’s sphincter, sitting between two giant cheeks. Their smooth, round appearance drive Jordan wild, inspiring him to bring out the Fort Troff fuck machine once more!

Jordan fills Archer’s ass with the mechanical dildo, watching as Archer takes it deeper and harder. Archer moans like a total cock whore, becoming increasingly desperate for the real thing. And that’s just where Jordan wants him. Pulling out the toy, Jordan gives Archer exactly what he wants. Warmed up, wet, and begging to be bred, Jordan thrusts hard and deep, making Archer’s toes curl. Jordan builds up a sizable load as Archer cries out to be inseminated, feeling himself struggle to hold back from climax!

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